The dental charity in the UK and overseas

What do you enjoy about being part of the Dentaid Community? The opportunity to use my skills to help vulnerable people in the UK. Having been in a general practice mostly within the NHS, it saddens me that there is so little support for looked after children, people experiencing homelessness and patients undergoing cancer therapies.
Why did you want to volunteer? I have always worked full time but now nearing retirement, I have cut down to two days a week. I am happy to volunteer a couple of times a month for a really good cause. On a personal level, it makes me feel valued and useful.
Did the experience meet your expectations?
Yes, the patients can be challenging but we can help them with their dental care and improve their day-to-day lives by freeing them of pain, boosting their confidence, and helping them smile again.
Would you volunteer with Dentaid again?

Yes – for as long as I feel I can be useful whilst I am registered with GDC.

Mary Green – Dentist