BrightBites blog

I had the privilege to deliver a BrightBites session to two year four classes at Pilgrims’ Cross CE Primary School in Andover.

BrightBites is an oral health education scheme developed by the UK dental charity, Dentaid. We’ve been working with Dentaid, since 2019. The charity is committed to improving access to safe, sustainable dental care through community and outreach services, as well as oral health education projects. Throughout our partnership, we have supported Dentaid’s mobile dental units, which travel the country delivering free oral health care to the most vulnerable people in our society, as well as supporting the BrightBites programme.

Within the session, which was also filmed by ITV News, I covered toothbrushing, teeth names and functions, sugar awareness and the importance of regular dental appointments. The segment will be airing on all ITV regional channels on Thursday 16th March at 6 pm.

Talking to a couple of primary school classes on the value of their teeth, really is a great way to spend a morning. It felt like a reset. When speaking to children about prevention, tooth brushing and diet, their positivity and questions were infectious. It also really made me focus on turning ‘dental speak’ into language that was suitable for them, forcing me to really think about how I communicate.

We all know the power of prevention but sharing those messages with children reminded me, that a lot of people do not fully understand that responsibility, and of course it is not just dentistry, but so much of healthcare. I’m really proud that as a company we support Dentaid and specifically the BrightBites program. I am confident that through these preventive programs, in schools and other environments, our efforts will add up and have a wider positive impact, across generations.

We’ve always stood for a healthier world and are under no illusion that action is required for this to happen. In 2022, we became B Corp certified. This recognition is our genuine (and legal) commitment to uphold our purpose, values, and beliefs. B Corp is all about harnessing the power of business as a force for good and through our partnership with Dentaid we can directly improve access to dental care for vulnerable communities and educate the next generation through the BrightBites programme.

This activity is not just a tick box for us, we are committed to working with like-minded organisations to help us deliver on our purpose. I believe that lots of small steps in the right direction can really lead to positive, sustained change. The more of us who get involved in delivering small steps, even if all in slightly different ways, will make a tremendous and often life-changing difference.