Case studies-Dan’s story

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Dan is street homeless in Winchester.  He goes to Trinity House in the city where Dentaid’s mobile unit visits once a month.

“I have this constant throbbing from my teeth.  It just doesn’t stop and it keeps me awake.  I’ve had problems with so many of my teeth I don’t know where the pain is coming from.  Often I just want them out to stop it hurting.  Many times I’ve tied them up and tried to pull them out myself but it doesn’t work.

“I’ve been on the mobile dental unit lots of times and the dentists are always amazing. They really care and they listen to you.  I’ve had bad teeth taken out and it’s helped me so much.  I’m often sleeping on the streets, in doorways in Winchester and toothache makes everything so much worse.  Please just keep coming back.”

Dentaid voluteers have been visiting Trinity House in Winchester since 2017.  They have helped many homeless people like Dan out of dental pain.

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