Case studies-Sarah’s Story

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Finding time to visit the dentist is very difficult when you work at sea.  Sarah hadn’t been for 29 years before Dentaid visited Poole Quay.

“I haven’t been to the dentist for almost 30 years.  I had a bad experience once and just didn’t go back.  After all this time I can’t get a dentist anyway, I did phone some but they couldn’t see me.

“The problem is when you work at sea you can’t take time of work to go to the dentist.  When the tide is right you go to work and you work a long day.  You’re part of a team and you have to fulfil your orders for your customers otherwise they’ll go elsewhere.   It’s the same with medical appointments, we just don’t take days off sick.  We do get toothache but we just take painkillers and go to work.

“I’m almost ashamed to show a dentist my teeth after so long, but because you’ve come to the quay I’ll definitely take the opportunity – thank you.”

Sarah recieved a full check up, scale and polish and now feels much more confident about her smile.  Our team saw 11 patients in that clinic including one fisherman who was in so much pain he hadn’t eaten on one side of his mouth for a year. 

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