Case studies – Seamus’ story

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´╗┐Losing his denture had a devastating effect on Seamus’ quality of life.  His story reminds us how important oral health is for our self esteem.

“I was having a hard time anyway and then one day I lost my denture.  At the time I was the foreman on a site and I had to talk a lot in my job.  I just felt without my teeth I couldn’t communicate with my team properly.  I honestly lost the ability to speak.  It really affected my confidence too – I couldn’t look people in the eye and I was so self-conscious. So I gave up work. 

“From there things went really wrong.  I drank and ended up living on the streets. Now I’m sober and doing a programme where I live in a shared house and volunteer in the garden at The Crypt.  I can start to sort myself out again and that includes my teeth.  I’ve had an abcess drained on the Dentaid unit before but I know I need more treatment.  It doesn’t hurt all the time  but it’s a constant niggle.  I think it’s great that people volunteer and you come here to see us.”

Seamus has been seen twice by the team onboard the mobile dental unit.  He’s now out of dental pain and can focus on his recovery and volunteering work.  

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