Amir’s story

“I am in pain with my teeth 24/7. They hurt me so much that I have started putting aftershave on my gums which stings but is a different type of pain.  I can’t eat or sleep properly because my teeth hurt all the time.

I’ve had problems with my teeth before. I was headbutted several years ago and had to have some teeth removed. But they have never hurt me as much as they do at the moment. They are affecting my confidence too.  I have anxiety and depression and the problems with my teeth make it worse. I don’t want people to look at me.  I have lost faith with toothbrushing, it hurts too much and there’s no point when my teeth are so bad.

My life wasn’t always like this. I had a business and a career as a commercial sculptor but I lost everything in Covid and ran out of money. It was a horrible time. I come to the Salvation Army most days and they are very kind to me.

To make money I have been trying to work doing cartoons and portraits of tourists in Eastbourne. But sometimes my teeth hurt so much that it sends pains through my body and I can’t draw.

I know I need to have some teeth removed but I don’t have a dentist and no-one will see me. As soon as I heard you were coming I was so happy and pleased because hopefully now the pain will stop.” Amir had extractions and treatment on our mobile dental unit and plans to return for more dental care. We also made sure he has a new toothbrush and toothpaste.