Mandy’s story

My teeth are so painful, I was lucky to see Dentaid the last time you were here and managed to get treatment. I have been homeless for over a year now on and off throughout my life. The dentist told me last time my teeth were so decayed she would need to remove most of them. However, I only let her take out some of them because otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to eat at all.

Most of the food I eat is mashed up or into a paste, it was my 60th birthday last week and my friend offered to take me out and I haven’t been out in years because I am so conscious of the way my teeth look. I was very depressed as it was such a big birthday and I didn’t want to go out, I’ve been so low I tried to take my own life. I wish I had the confidence to go out and enjoy my life, but I can’t because of my teeth, it’s so embarrassing to even ask for help at this stage. However, having Dentaid I feel it’s nothing like a normal dental practice, I can easily get help and I don’t feel like I’m being judged when the dentist and dental nurse are volunteering their time to help people like me.

Photo taken of the medical history taker and dental nurse