Masie’s story

“I have had a lot of pain in my mouth, last month the pain was so bad I had to use some pliers to get this tooth out that was hanging by root.

My teeth have been hurting me for a while now, after getting kicked out of a dental practice because I missed one appointment. I haven’t been able to get seen at all. Growing up I never had any support from my parents to tell me about the importance of oral health. Today is the first time in months I brushed my teeth because I knew I was coming to see Dentaid The Dental Charity. Most of the time my mental health takes over and I am struggling with an eating disorder.

I’ve been dropped from multiple dentists for missing one appointment. I am super grateful for Dentaid’s help and the chance to improve my oral health. It is so important given the dental crisis and how impossible it is to get appointments. Also, to help people who are experiencing homelessness as they are struggling with poor teeth from poor living.”