Sophie’s story

“I came here with a broken front tooth that made me feel really bad about myself. It had been damaged for 8 months and was affecting my mental health and my self-confidence. It made me feel ugly and people think I’m not taking care of myself. My self-confidence had gone and I couldn’t smile at people without putting my hand over my mouth. It just looked like my front tooth was a broken peg. Today the dentist has built up my tooth at the front and now it looks like a proper tooth. It looks so nice. He needs a medal. It’s not just my smile, it’s that he took the time and the care. Before I couldn’t open my mouth and now I can smile. I’m so happy. I feel bubbly and smiley. I was homeless for a long time and stayed in a hostel. But now I’ve got my own flat and I love it, it’s a nice one and it’s my proper home. Next week I’ve got an interview at a restaurant and I’ll feel confident that I can talk to the customers and smile at them. Dentaid has changed my life, it’s brilliant!” Sophie was successful in her job interview.