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Dental outreach clinics were held on the 11th and 12th of March 2021 at Nyamweru health center, Nyamweru sub county, Rubanda district.
The clinics went smoothly and were completed as scheduled
A Covid-19 screening station was set up at the entrance. The dental patients converged at an allocated place where dental health and oral hygiene information was given. Covid-19 prevention was incorporated in the information given.

Having gotten a carton of toothpaste and posters from a colleague who worked with Colgate a while ago, the OHI sessions were livelier than usual. I distributed the posters amongst the group and they expected some toothpaste after treatment which made for a jovial day.

People who had dental problems stayed long in the hot sun till they got treatment.

Over the two days a total of 171 people were treated and many more had OHI and passed through for consultations. The activity went smoothly with the occasional help of the staff at the health center who were very welcoming.

I would also like to thank our sponsors, Dentaid, for funding our endeavour, and supporting us in taking oral health treatment to the rural folks. It was an amazing two days and we’ll be happy to do it all again whenever possible. 
Boaz Jardel, Dentaid Ugandan Associate

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