Samuel Wauju Blog

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Samuel Wauju is a Ugandan Public Dental Health Officer.  He joined our latest volunteering team when they visited Mbarara in Autumn 2019.

I have a diploma in public health dentistry and my sponsor discussed with Dentaid the possibility of me joining their team. She knew that Dentaid works with well experienced PHDOs who would help me acquire more skills in the field of dentistry which is my professional and I love it.
I met the team on Monday at the Tobiz Guest House and we set off for the clinic at a church in Mbarara. The team members showed me a positive attitude and showed an interest in working with me which inspired motivation. 

The clinic started and the major procedures were tooth extraction, scaling and tooth conservation. The next day we moved to Lwengo district where I worked under the supervision and teaching of Dentaid’s associate Joseph.  He had great interested in teaching me new skills and taught me how things are done in a Dentaid clinic. This is because Dentaid works with well experienced professionals who are willing to train new members while in the field.  I love that they continue with this kind of behaviour. I got to discover different oral conditions which are hidden in the community but patients are unable to access quality dentistry at dental centres.

Since I admired the organisation and operation of the team of the team I pray I’ll work with them again.  Dentaid is a well organised body where every person works in his or her area of speciality thereby maintaining a quality of service without quackery.

The team leader Gail thanked me and now I will see if I can do work at one of the outreach clinics in Mbale.