Uganda blog April 2022 Part 2

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What a day! Early into clinic, Frank, Ambrose’s brother presented with a painful mouth. He had fallen onto a rock. He had two cuts on his chin which were in fact holes right through to his mouth and they were infected. Christine and Joseph were his dentists. When they looked in his mouth, they found that the muscle had been pulled off the bone in his chin and he had a gaping hole.

He was given pain killers and asked to wait, then he was numbed up and the dentists set about cleaning it. Joseph began stitching up the two wounds on Frank’s chin the infection had been removed. Joseph did an amazing job! Meanwhile, the rest of the clinic was busy with 118 adults and 68 children passing through clinic, mainly for extractions. 

Today we’re at Mbarara mens prison and it was another hot day, but everyone managed brilliantly. I had plenty of complaints from the prisoners though; the prison had assured me they would dispense the pain relief and medication necessary. It turned out they did not. I was furious; the men had had some difficult extractions, to be left without pain relief was cruel. They assured me the medication would be dispensed and there would not be a repeat.

The dance troupe performed dances for us after clinic which was wonderful. Huge smiles on the men’s faces as they performed. We bought them all a very large bar of soap each as a thank you. 120 men 25 women, 4 children and 80 extractions in total. 34 fillings, 18 scales, 38 fluorides, and every man, woman, and child received 1:1 OHI. After the clinic we went to a hotel with a pool and we had a well deserved swim.

Our last clinic was at Kakiika prison with 800 inmates, but the conditions appeared worse. Don, the translator used on post op, was amazing, his English was fantastic. He really enjoyed his time working with us. 90 men were treated mainly with extractions after two years of no dental treatment. 

For the last day Jenny had booked us a trip to be a keeper for the day, it was amazing! We had to put on overalls in the baking heat and wear wellies! We went behind the scenes and cleaned out the tiger pens. The lions were something else, Landlord, a young male came to the fence and let us stroke him. He was even licking Rachel’s hand. These animals are magnificent. The team of guys were really good fun and gave us the best experience.

It was a tearful goodbye, but the team all want to arrange another trip next year! 1358 people relieved of pain. Another successful trip and another brilliant team.

Written by Gail Taylor – Team Leader

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