Mobile dental unit

Dentaid’s mobile dental units travels the country offering free dental treatment for the most vulnerable people in our society.

We take the vehicles to shelters, hostels and centres for people who are street homeless or temporarily housed  who often find it difficult to access dental care. 

Dentaid volunteers work with support workers and our charity partners to build a rapport with our patients.  Once they come aboard the mobile dental unit, they are offered dental screening, toothbrushing and dietary advice and a full range of dental treatments.  

Watch a video about our mobile dental unit

We bought our first mobile dental unit in 2016 followed by a second vehicle in 2019.  This means we can use one for our projects in the north of England and one in the south.  The second unit will also enable us to run more clinics and help more people.

Clinics are regularly held at Trinity House day centre in Winchester, homeless shelters in Southampton,  Alabare in Wiltshire, The Crypt in Leeds and Kitchen for Everyone in York. We also have new projects in Bournemouth, Eastbourne, Hastings and Fareham – to name a few! Some patients are regular visitors to the service and we see their confidence and self esteem grow as they benefit from dental treatment.  Thanks to our partnership with Dentech we are also able to offer dentures for some patients.

We can help those suffering immediate dental pain while maintaining the long term aim of re-engaging them with NHS dental provision. 

Volunteer on the mobile dental unit

In addition to our regular clinics, the units have also been used for health days for the homeless in Blackpool, public health events in Yorkshire and clinics for vulernable adults.

The mobile dental units can also be used for oral health education visits to schools and groups of children with special needs who have the opportunity to become familiar with a dental surgery in a relaxed setting.

They have also been used for fluoride varnish and screening programmes in schools and our public access clinics in Yorkshire for people who have found it difficult to register for NHS dental treatment. 

The mobile units are used for our outreach clinics at fishing ports around the UK as part of the SeaFit programme.