Equipment donation

Dentaid The Dental Charity provides equipment to its overseas partners helping them to establish charitable dental services that reach communities struggling to access care. These donations come in all shapes and sizes! From supplying boxes of hand instruments to dentists working in Burkina Faso to sending 20 dental chairs and phantom head training units to Kamuzi Central Hospital in Malawi, we recondition donated equipment and send it where it’s needed most.

In recent years Dentaid The Dental Charity has supplied full surgeries to projects in Uganda, Ghana and Bosnia and a surgery will be on its way to Madagascar very soon. We are also working with the Maldent Project which is supporting the training of a new generation of dental professionals in Malawi by providing equipment that is being used by 70 dental students who are in the first three years of their training.

Smaller donations of hand instruments and other pieces of equipment are regularly supplied to projects enabling our dental partners to deliver care in rural clinics and remote locations.

Dentaid is always grateful to receive offers of donations although we are not able to accept:

  • Out of date items or medicines
  • Branded scrubs
  • X-ray equipment

We are not able to accept all offers of donations due to limited storage space and the scope of our projects. We ask anyone who’d like to donate items to us to complete the equipment donation form which will be assessed by our workshop manager before items are accepted.