Oral health education

Oral health education is at the heart of Dentaid The Dental Charity’s work around the world. We support projects and local dental professionals who deliver dental health messages to people of all ages.

Our language-free BrightBites programme covers high and low sugar diets, the importance of regular, correct brushing and the importance of good hygiene. This programme is delivered in schools, orphanages, children’s prisons and community buildings by our local partners and members of our overseas volunteering teams.

At Toowa School in Uganda Dentaid The Dental Charity has funded a project to screen and treat all of the younger children at six monthly intervals to see the effect of oral health being promoted in the classroom and daily brushing as part of the school day.

We offer oral advice to all patients who attend our overseas outreach clinics through practical sessions using mouth models and group instruction. We also work with community leaders and teachers to help them teach the importance of oral health in their communities.


In many of the places Dentaid The Dental Charity works sweet fizzy drinks are more readily available than clean drinking water.