Volunteer agreement

Aims of a Dentaid Overseas Volunteer Experience

  • To support the provision of effective and sustainable community oral health programmes.
  • To provide oral health education and preventative dental treatments.
  • To provide pain relief dental treatments.
  • To actively fundraise for Dentaid the Dental Charity (hereafter referred to as Dentaid)  to fund their ongoing work.
  • To increase awareness and support for Dentaid’s work in the UK and overseas.


By applying to join a Dentaid Overseas Volunteer Experience you agree to commit yourself to the dental mission that you are applying for and to the following terms and conditions:

 1. Funding

  • Dentaid does not have the means to finance volunteers’ expenses and therefore the volunteer will raise the necessary funds within the required timescales detailed below.
  • The minimum amount to be raised by the volunteer is the advertised cost of the Volunteer Experience (VE).
  • To secure a place on the volunteer experience the volunteer will pay £300 non refundable deposit, which will be invoiced by Dentaid once the application has been approved. You will be given two weeks to pay the invoice. Failure to pay the invoice within this time will result in loss of the place on  the volunteer experience. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis (subject to the VE need) on payment of the deposit.
  • The volunteer is required to pay the deposit themselves and not via fundraising. The deposit payment is deducted off the final amount due.
  • A further three instalments are required as described in the payment schedule table below. All funds must be paid to Dentaid by the due dates, with the final balance due 12 weeks before departure. Funds can be raised through fundraising activities or paid in instalments at any time as long as the appropriate amount has been received by the due date.

Payment schedule:

  All VE’s except Morocco

Morocco VE

Deposit with application to secure place



1st instalment, 28 weeks before departure



2nd instalment, 20 weeks before departure



3rd instalment, 12 weeks before departure

Balance payment

Balance payment

  • Where we have not received sufficient funds, on each due date an invoice will be raised for any outstanding funds required to reach the appropriate amount due by that date. If the invoice is not paid, Dentaid reserves the right to withdraw the volunteers place on the VE without any refund of money already paid, including the deposit. The cost of the VE covers the following:
    • Flights from London only (Volunteers will be required to travel together from the UK unless you reside outside the UK)
    • Shared accommodation in country (Volunteers are expected to share accommodation – trip dependent) including dormitories
    • Airport transfers
    • Three meals and transport on working days
    • Supply of basic dental equipment, materials and consumables for the mission (Volunteers will be required to source donations – a list will be provided)
    • Support for the host project and Dentaid’s ongoing work
  • The following costs will not be covered by raised funds:
    • Vaccinations and anti-malaria medication
    • Travel Insurance
    • Covid-19 PCR tests, as required at the time of travel.
    • Any Covid-19 related requirements for travel, such as quarantine costs.
    • In-country dental registration if payment is required.
    • Visa
    • Food and transport on days off
    • Sightseeing costs and spending money
  • Volunteers are encouraged to fundraise towards the cost of the VE, with Dentaid’s support. Volunteers can set up an online donation page with Just Giving to help supporters donate easily. Dentaid can supply fundraising resources and advice on request.
  • Volunteers can use their personal funds to pay for some or all of their trip. Personal funds should not be paid through Just Giving but paid directly to Dentaid. Online giving platforms should only be used for third party donations towards the experience.
  • Dentaid can claim Gift Aid on some donations if the donor is a UK tax-payer but Gift Aid will not be included in your fundraising total. Gift Aid donations will be used by Dentaid for their ongoing charitable activities.
  • If the necessary funds cannot be raised in the required timescales it is the volunteer’s responsibility to pay the shortfall owed to Dentaid by the required due dates.
  • If volunteers are fundraising outside of the UK in a different currency other than the UK pound sterling (£), they must ensure they raise the right equivalent amount at an exchange rate agreed with Dentaid. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure that any bank transactions fees are paid in addition, if required for international payments.
  • If the volunteer raises more funds than the minimum amount required, the extra funds will be retained by Dentaid for use towards their charitable aims.
  • Volunteers should understand that if the VE must be cancelled or the volunteer cancels their place on the VE the donations made through Just Giving cannot be refunded. Volunteers should add this explanation to the text on their Just Giving page. “If for any reason I am unable to take part in this VE, any funds donated will be retained by Dentaid and used towards their charitable aims”.

 2. Cancellation and refund policy

  • Volunteers are required to arrange their own travel insurance policy. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to ensure they have a policy which adequately covers cancellation, medical treatments and repatriation.
  • All deposits, payments and fundraising (online and offline) are non-refundable and non-transferable to other volunteers at any time, in any circumstances if cancelled by the volunteer.
  • If the volunteer needs to cancel their place on a VE for any reason notice should be given in writing via email to Dentaid’s Overseas Volunteering Trips Coordinator at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • Dentaid reserves the right to re-advertise their place and offer it to another volunteer. The volunteer will not be refunded by Dentaid nor transferred to another VE in these circumstances, but volunteers may be able to make a claim with the travel insurance provider if the reason for cancellation is covered by their insurance policy.
  • Places on a Dentaid VE are non-transferable between volunteers.
  • If for reasons beyond Dentaid’s control, the VE must be cancelled by Dentaid, the donations made through Just Giving cannot be refunded. These funds can be used towards another VE, as long as the new VE takes place within 18 months of the original planned VE. Otherwise, funds will be used within Dentaid’s core funds.
  • If for reasons beyond Dentaid’s control, the VE must be cancelled by Dentaid, the deposit you have paid will be refunded or transferred to another VE, as long as the new VE takes place within 18 months of the original planned VE.
  • If for a reason beyond Dentaid’s control, the VE must be cancelled by Dentaid, any funds paid by the VE themselves (rather than by fundraising and seeking donations) may be refunded by Dentaid.

 3. Volunteer’s Responsibilities


  • To be considered for a volunteer position, candidates must submit a Dentaid Volunteer Application eForm found on the Dentaid website www.dentaid.org
  • Volunteers are committed to the VE they apply for. Transferring to different dates or a different VE is not permitted unless it is considered feasible by the Dentaid Overseas Volunteering Trips Coordinator. Such requests must be made in writing to the Overseas Volunteering Trips Coordinator and their decision in this matter is final. If a transfer is not feasible and the volunteer cannot attend the VE they applied for the cancellation policy applies and the volunteer will not be refunded.
  • Numbers of volunteers on each team is limited and places can only be secured with a deposit payment. Places are offered on a first come, first served basis on payment of the invoice.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years old on the day of departure.
  • Part of the application process is to supply Dentaid with two character references. Dentaid will contact your referees independently to request a reference. One should be a professional referee and the other can be a professional or personal referee. Referees should not be a member of your family or a Dentaid employee or another Dentaid volunteer.
  • Dentaid will choose the most suitable applicants to take part in the VE and Dentaid’s decision in this matter is final.
  • Volunteers must supply Dentaid with copies of the following documents at time of application:
    • Dental registration certificate with the GDC or equivalent.
    • Relevant dental qualification certificate.
    • DBS certificate or similar police/criminal record check
    • Passport
    • C.V.
    • Medical form signed by a doctor if there are any medical issues.
    • Volunteers must be registered to practice dentistry with the GDC or equivalent body.
  • Volunteers must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity to run from the date of return to the UK or their home country.
  • It is the volunteer’s responsibility to organise and pay for the appropriate visa for the VE.
  • If the volunteer is refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from the country to be visited, any additional costs incurred are the volunteer’s responsibility.


  • Volunteers must take responsibility for their health and wellbeing and fitness to take part in the VE. If the volunteer has any medical concerns these should be discussed with their doctor in relation to their suitability to take part in an overseas VE. The volunteer’s doctor is then required to sign the volunteer’s medical form to confirm their agreement for the volunteer to take part.
  • Volunteers are responsible for informing Dentaid of any medical condition that may affect them while on the Dentaid VE. Dentaid cannot take responsibility for any incidents occurring on a Dentaid VE as a result of a volunteer’s previously undisclosed medical condition.
  • If a volunteer becomes pregnant before the VE commences, they must inform Dentaid at the earliest opportunity. It is highly likely that the volunteer will be required to withdraw their place on the VE due to the significant risks to the mother and unborn child of travel and the lack of medical assistance available in the countries we visit. The cancellation and refund policy above will apply.
  • Candidates who suffer from alcohol or drug dependency, or any other chronic condition that may become acute during a VE are not permitted to take part.
  • Volunteers must visit the travel clinic at their GP surgery and follow their professional advice on which travel vaccinations and anti-malaria tablets are required for the country they are visiting.
  • Dentaid will not be responsible for any costs, claims, losses and expenses arising including costs of medical care, repatriation e.g. flights and legal expenses.


  • Dentaid strongly recommends that all overseas volunteers are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. All volunteers will be asked to state if they have received the vaccine. Although we hope that our volunteers will be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before embarking on their VE, we are aware that current guidelines state we are not able to make it a requirement in order to join our overseas volunteering teams.
  • However, Dentaid reserves the right to require you to have a vaccine if it is a requirement to enter any country you are volunteering in or passing through. Should this be the case Dentaid will advise volunteers of the requirement for proof of vaccination. Should volunteers not comply with this, they will not be able to participate in a Dentaid volunteering experience. They will not receive a refund of any money paid or donated.
  • Volunteers must adhere to all Covid-19 related requirements for travel, such as taking PCR tests prior to travel in both directions and on return to the UK as well as any quarantine requirements.


  • Every volunteer is required to attend in person Dentaid’s volunteer training day at their own cost prior to their VE. This event will normally be held at Dentaid’s Head Office in Totton. This is an essential part of preparing for a successful VE and volunteers will be accredited with ECPD hours for attending.
  • The volunteer must also attend the orientation meeting and the daily debrief meetings held at the end of each working day on the VE. These meetings are an essential part of the VE.
  • Volunteers will be awarded ECPD hours for participating in the VE, but only if the VE attends all three elements of the training, which are 1. the training day prior to the VE, 2. The orientation meeting, 3. The daily debrief meetings.


  • Volunteers must always respect the culture and traditions of the host country, especially with regards to appropriate dress and use of alcohol and cigarettes. Volunteers must follow the Team Leader’s instructions on these matters.
  • Volunteers must recognise that they represent Dentaid at all times and therefore should not behave in any way that brings the charity into disrepute. Nor should they compromise the high standards of professionalism which are required on a Dentaid volunteer VE.
  • Drug or alcohol misuse will not be tolerated at any time while on the volunteer VE and failure to comply may result in the volunteer being asked to leave the team, at their own expense and the incident reported to their professional governing body.
  • Dentaid has a duty of care towards its end beneficiaries (the patients) and it is the volunteer’s role to help satisfy the Dentaid mission. Therefore, the volunteer will be expected to follow the directions of the Dentaid Team Leader and host organisation. Volunteers must accept the authority of Dentaid’s Team Leader and the host organisation.
  • Volunteers must attend all team meetings while on the dental mission. They must also cooperate fully with the team to ensure successful outcomes of the dental mission and the mutual enjoyment of the whole team.
  • If a volunteer’s behaviour is deemed by the Team Leader to not be appropriate, the volunteer may be excluded from activities during the visit or even asked to leave the team, at their own expense.
  • It is in the volunteer’s best interests to read all the information supplied to them.
  • VE itineraries cannot be guaranteed. There may be changes to the itinerary, schedule or accommodation at any time and it may not be possible for all activities to take place due to unforeseen circumstances. Dentaid will provide as much notice and information as possible.


  • Volunteers should endeavour to use their volunteer experiences to increase awareness of the dental needs in developing countries and of Dentaid’s work to serve those needs. This may include giving presentations to groups or volunteering on Dentaid’s stand at the dental shows.
  • Volunteers should be very careful when using social media. Naming people, commenting on and making judgements about the host country, its people or government must be avoided as this can cause great offense.
  • Always ensure you have permission when taking photos of people in the community, especially children, patients, project staff or other volunteers.
  • Volunteers should look to provide Dentaid with photos, videos and a written report from their overseas volunteer experience to help raise the profile of Dentaid’s work to improve dental health around the world.
  • Volunteers should keep up to date with Dentaid news on their website or by following its social media pages:


  • Volunteers participate at their own risk and Dentaid shall have no liability for any loss or damage incurred by the volunteer, however arising, or for cancellation of the visit for any reason outside its control. This exclusion of liability does not apply to liability arising in connection with death or personal injury resulting from Dentaid’s negligence, or from Dentaid’s fraud or wilful default.
  • Volunteers are responsible for the above-mentioned requirements and Dentaid has no employment or legal responsibilities for volunteers.

 4. Data Protection

By agreeing to these terms and conditions volunteers give consent to the information they provide to Dentaid being made available to other parties as deemed necessary by Dentaid for the purposes of their VE. This can include but is not limited to the following:

  • Dentaid UK staff and volunteers – to enable processing of your application, your pre VE training and support, and in case of any medical emergency.
  • In country project partners to support the planning for each VE and to take into account the needs of volunteers e.g. diets, allergies & in case of any medical emergency
  • Volunteers on the VE:
    • The Team Leader. This will include sensitive personal data such as relevant medical history to ensure appropriate support is provided to volunteers during the VE.
    • Other volunteers will receive basic contact information to facilitate communication between participants, particularly before departure.
  • Agents of and suppliers to Dentaid in the UK and at our project locations, such as travel agents and accommodation and subsistence providers.
  • Medical professionals, as required, in the event of a volunteer needing medical care during the VE.
  • Photos and videos of the volunteer team are routinely taken to promote the work of Dentaid in print, electronic and social media to advertise, support and promote our charitable work. In signing these terms and conditions the volunteer agrees to images being used in this way. If volunteers have any objections to their image being used in this way, they should let Dentaid know this in writing as soon as possible or by the VE training day at the latest.

Dentaid will always pay due regard to the volunteers right to privacy concerning their information and will handle all data with appropriate sensitivity.


  • As a volunteer you have an obligation to protect confidential or personal information in relation to other volunteers or patients. If you have access to confidential information (including addresses, telephone numbers or medical information) of colleagues or patients you should never discuss or disclose such information to anyone other than the person/s authorised to receive it both during and after your involvement with the volunteer programme.

This Volunteer Agreement is in place to ensure both your safety and that of other people. If you have any queries about any of these terms and conditions, please contact Dentaid on info@dentaid.org or call 01794 324249.