Joseph Opendi Blog January 2021

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These two outreaches were carried out because of the great need for dental services. The area has a large population of about 30,000 but the closest  dental services are at least 31 kilometres away.

Dentaid had supported or carried out some outreach visits here before but covering only a small percentage of the population. The need remained and with Covid related challenges it has become even more difficult for these people to access any dental services. 

The outreaches were carried out in the local health centres of Iyolwa and Kiyeyi on December 30 and 31 with support from Dentaid.

Mobilization was done in the areas surrounding the health centres prior to the visits and announcements were also made with megaphones. These ensured that we received both patients who were new and those we had seen before in the previous visits.

The activities of the days were oral health education, screening and treatment of common dental diseases. At Iyolwa Health centre there were 22 extractions, 10 fillings, five 5 scalings and 10 others treatments, giving a total of 47. 

 In Kiyeyi Health Centre there were 24 extractions, 10 fillings, 3 scalings, and 15 others, giving a total of 52 patients. A further 40 or more received oral health information awareness information. 

Most of the cases required extractions indicating the need for oral urgent treatment and underlining the lack of access to dental services that many of these people face.
People were so grateful for this service.

Notable among these was a lady whom we had seen in a previous visit. She came before daybreak just to make sure she didn’t miss out. Some people travelled for miles to come and get this service. The appreciation of the people underlined the importance of this service and especially the great work done by Dentaid and those who support their work.

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