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“I get toothache and then I get depressed. When I get depressed I pull my own teeth out. I’ve done it with pliers and sometimes I do it with a spoon. The last one I did myself with a spoon. Then the pain goes away. I’ve only got about 5 teeth left now and they all hurt all the time. The last time I saw a dentist was in prison.

They were a butcher and really hurt me so I’m scared of dentists now. I was homeless for a year sleeping rough. I slept in between the doorways of 2 charity shops. They said it was ok or me to sleep there if I kept it clean so I was there for 12 months which I did because I don’t do drugs. But I do drink that’s my problem.

Then last year they found me somewhere to stay and I’ve been in a place since then. I come to the Salvation Army most days and Matthew 25 and that’s how I get my food. But my teeth hurt a lot and I can’t always eat it – depends what it is.”