Kilimanjaro Climb

The dental charity in the UK and overseas

Fearless fundraisers Ken Finlayson and Tim Molony took on a challenge to climb Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, to raise funds for Dentaid. 

Their epic climb has raised almost £55,000 to help the charity buy a new mobile dental clinic so more homeless and vulnerable people in UK can access urgent dental care.

The climb was in memory of Ken’s late wife Kimberley who was one of the first people to sadly lose her life to Covid19 in March 2020.
Kimberley and Ken spent their lives building FMC into dentistry’s major communications company and the new mobile unit will be named after her.  So far, Tim and Ken have raised an astonishing £54,671, this is the largest amount which has ever been raised by a dental charity!

Ken and Tim took a week to reach the summit and faced arduous conditions as trekked to the top. 
“After seven days of torturous trekking, we finally summited Kilimanjaro in ice cold conditions of around -25ºc on 24 February 2022,” said Ken. “There were many times when we half considered turning back, as multiple injuries took their toll and the unusually inclement weather beat us to a pulp morning, noon and night.
“Added to that, freezing temperatures, howling winds, severe headaches and feelings of nausea blighted us daily. The effects of altitude sickness made their mark from 12,000 feet right up to the 20,000 feet summit – and back!”

The mobile dental unit in Kimberley’s memory will be Dentaid’s fifth vehicle and will enable the charity to visit more locations across the UK.  In addition to helping people experiencing homelessness, volunteers will provide emergency dental care, oral health advice and a full range of treatments for head and neck cancer patients, fishermen, military veterans, looked after children, refugees and asylum seekers.

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