Response to Guardian article about dental care for the homeless

The dental charity in the UK and overseas

Dentaid’s reponse to the Guardian article which raises the issue of access to dental care for homeless and vulnerable people.

“This incident and the publicity it has generated needs to be used as an opportunity to highlight the issues that many homeless and vulnerable people face when they try to access dental care.  More must be done to help engage this patient group and provide them with safe, sustainable dental treatment and oral health education. There are many barriers that homeless people have to overcome in many aspects of their lives and this includes dentistry. We know that many homeless people aren’t registered with a dentist or don’t attend regularly and as a result they live with persistent dental pain. No-one should be denied treatment.  However, if this patient group can’t access dental surgeries then we will go to them.  Dentaid’s mobile dental unit visits day centres, soup kitchens, night shelters and projects run by our charity partners to offer free dental care for their clients.  So far, in 2018 the unit has visited York, Leeds, Dewsbury, Wolverhampton, Salisbury, Poole, Southampton, Winchester and Hatfield. Our volunteers have done an amazing job and helped many homeless people out of pain but we know that much more needs to be done. Only by charities like Dentaid, the NHS and other agencies working together will we be able to improve access to dental treatment for the most vulnerable people in our society.”

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