Urgent appeal launched

Dentaid The Dental Charity has launched an urgent appeal to get one of its charity dental units back on the road.  We need to raise £10,000 so we can continue to use the vehicle to provide dental care for vulnerable people with no other access to treatment.

One of our mobile units was severely damaged by a third party in January 2023 as it was returning to our headquarters after a clinic for people experiencing homelessness in Weymouth. Repairs were approved by the third party’s insurers in April and we arranged for the work to be done.

The mobile dental unit has been repaired and is in the garage awaiting release.

We (and our insurers) have been chasing the third party insurers to settle the invoice since the works were completed on August 1st. Each time they have offered excuses to get it signed off / approved.

This week we received the devastating news they have decided that they will no longer process the claim as it is not covered under the insurance they hold for the third party.

We are starting the legal process to try and sort this out but have launched an urgent appeal as we need the vehicle back on the road.  In the coming weeks, this unit is due to be used for a full programme of clinics helping the most vulnerable people in our society.

We urgently need to find £10,000 so that we can pay the garage who will then release the vehicle.

Anything you can donate would be very much appreciated.