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What our overseas partners say

Dentaid provides equipment, volunteers and resources for dentists and dental projects all over the world. Some of our partners tell us how we are making a difference.

Nicholas Philip

“One year ago Dentaid approached a flower company called Wagagai to see how they could play a role in bringing dental services closer to the community. They began by funding monthly outreach dental clinics. Later a proposal to establish a permanent structure for a dental clinic was suggested. Today we managed to see for the first time patients in the completed building. Among them was a very old crippled lady who had many oral problems with a painful tooth. We managed to alleviate her pain and asked the care taker to bring her back for the next appointment next month. Thank you Dentaid, you are impacting on many lives indeed.”

Dr. Bijay Tamang
Program Manager-Health – Health and Development Society Nepal (HDSN)

“I would like to thank you for the support that Dentaid has been providing to HDSN and the people of Nepal. You have given us instruments and technical support to help the Nepalese community improve its oral health. Dentaid volunteers have supported our outreach programme. Projects like school tooth brushing programmes and teacher training have educated many people and are having a positive impact on oral health. HDSN aims to provide oral health facilities to the poorest of poor and in areas where services have not been established at all. Dentaid has provided us with portable units which allow us to do this outreach.“

Angel Nsubuga
PHDO Uganda

“Greetings from Kitongo (Uganda)… we really appreciate all the support you are giving us. Dentaid is having a very positive impact in Uganda. My work at Kitongo is moving on well and oral health has improved amongst the people in the community. An example I can give you is that at present each patient I see only talks about tooth conservation unlike the past where patients could only talk about tooth removal. This shows us that people are now aware that teeth are very important and think about preventive mechanisms indicating the magnitude of oral health improvement we have reached in our community. All this is attributed to Dentaid.”

Dr Karim Keita
Dentistes du sud – gUINEA

“Before your generous donation our small clinic was facing difficulties because of a lack of capacity. We only had one dental chair and demand was increasing every day. So it was a real blessing to receive the DentaidBox. Your action helped us serve more people in our community. I believe that our partnership is going to change people’s lives in rural and poor urban areas of Guinea.”

Maddox Jolie Pitt Foundation
MJP Team leader

“MJP health team was very grateful to Dentaid for all of their hard work. We felt very privileged to have a highly skilled team of professionals working on a voluntary basis in Samlout to improve oral health. MJP health team would very keen to continue the partnership with Dentaid in the future and are keen to continue and develop the successful collaboration.”

Joseph Dumbuya

“Our DentaidBox has arrived and I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Dentaid staff and donors. The equipment will enable us to meet the needs of individuals who may not have transportation or access to dental offices or clinics. With your help we are able to deliver outreach programmes such as dental wellness, dental health education and dental health screening.”

Dr Solomon Jere

“Oral health services are going well now thanks to your assistance last year. We have made great improvements in oral health services at both hospital and community level. The number of patients seen per visit has been increased from 30 to 60 patients. This has been done because of the dental instruments, sterilizer and portable chair you gave us. We are sterilising instruments right in the field. As oral health providers, we are able to adjust the chair according to a desirable position. Before we were using a bench or making patients sit down The oral health education is going well because the posters are very interesting. And the dental chair is essential because the hospital has no functional dental chair. We appreciate the success we have achieved with your support.”

Tanya Sveet
Moldovan state dentist

“We are very happy to have Dentaid as a partner and the equipment is very helpful. We are now able to provide better quality treatment for our patients. Thanks to carts and illumination systems we can work more ergonomically and with the new equipment we can do better fittings and restorations. Our patients are less scared and our dental offices look better so they attract more patients. It’s a whole new level for our work.”

Jonathan Kabasa
Xcusive Medical Clinic

“We have grown by leaps and bounds over time. A step at a time we are touching real lives and communities, one at a time. With the addition of the newly acquired dental equipment, we shall have a bigger impact in our catchment area. Running a non-profit community clinic is challenging, however we believe life would be harder without our work and that keeps us going.”