Our Trustees

The dental charity in the UK and overseas

 Crispin Keanie – chair of trustees
I am the managing director for an energy technology consultancy – OTM Consulting, part of Science Group. I am responsible for the P&L of my division and lead the team in all aspects of sales and project delivery. Prior to my current position, I headed up our Middle East office in Dubai for three years and gained a lot from the experience of living and operating a business in a different culture.

My wife is a practicing GDP and over the years she has opened my eyes to the immense need for basic dental care amongst disadvantaged communities around the world. This is my second time serving as a trustee having been involved between 2007 and 2011 and it is a privilege to be supporting such a high impact charity that makes a difference to so many through committed long-term partnerships.

Richard Guyver

My first experience of using my dental skills outside of a ‘Western’ environment was in 1999 when I went on my dental elective to Yap in Micronesia. I spent 4 weeks assisting the local dentist in providing emergency and simple restorative dental care to the local population. It was a steep learning curve for me as I was still a student, but it’s a time that will be forever etched in my memory as one a highlights of my life.

I am passionate about increasing awareness on the impact dental health can have on general health, and have published a book on this topic. I predict over the next 5-10 years we will see this aspect of dental care taking on more and more significance.

When I became aware of the dental need around the world through a friend who was a trustee at Dentaid, I was delighted to be able to offer my input in helping to evolve this amazing charity. It’s clear that the passion and commitment that volunteers and the team at Dentaid have towards improving the lives, dental health and general health of people they have never met is fulfilling and inspiring and I am humbled to be a part.

Jane Lelean

I work as an international business coach and trainer specialising in dentistry, working with practice owners and their teams, helping them make their good practices great. I am passionate about dentistry and its capacity to change lives. Since the age of eight I was determined to have a career in dentistry, assisting people improve their dental health, beauty and happiness. Before working as a dental business coach I ran my own successful practice in Buckinghamshire.

I am passionate about dentistry and I’m always keen to put on a pair of rubber gloves and pick up a mirror and probe. I currently offer dental care for the local out of hours emergency service, Crisis at Christmas and as a dental volunteer for Dentaid.

I recently transitioned from non-runner to marathon runner within nine months and completed the London Marathon to raise money for Dentaid.

Mark Inman

I have been a supporter of Dentaid for 20 years. I am a practising NHS dentist and Vocational Trainer and have been on many Dentaid Overseas trips to carry out outreach dentistry in several developing countries.

I have seen the desperate need so many people have in countries where there is no access to dental services. This results in people having pain for months and years, sometimes with severe medical complications. Also I have seen how each country has different needs and there is no single cure. Dentaid seeks to discover and address these needs for the benefit of all our patients.

Sally Reading

I qualified as a dental nurse in 2001 and became an oral health educator and practice manager.  I worked alongside a dentist who believed that dentistry should be accessible to all and I decided I wanted to improve access to dental treatment.  I researched dental charities and liked what Dentaid stood for. 

I first got the opportunity to go to Kenya in 2010 to deliver a portable dental chair and equipment and discovered the enormous need to provide education, training and access to dental treatments.  I decided to further my career as a dental therapist so I could offer more to those in need in the UK and overseas.  I became Kenyan trip leader in 2016 but also have a keen interest in helping those in the UK, taking dentistry to vulnerable people in need. 

Fiona Ellwood BEM

I began my dental career in a small Lakeland town and moved to Manchester where I qualified. Over the years I have held a number of fantastic posts and enjoyed every role I have had.  I have always had a interest in education and the link to improving health outcomes. As a registered dental nurse I have progressed my career to incorporate public and oral health, mentoring and coaching.  I have undertaken various educational qualifications up to masters level and am currently a Phd student.  I like to think of myself as a “door opener” wih a can do approach and the goal of helping others to be the best they can be. 

As Patron of the Society of British Dental Nurses, I have embedded a charitable arm to ensure we can give back as a team – with some of our members travelling to Uganda with Dentaid.  At work, I hold posts as an external examiner, honorary clinical teaching fellow, expert advisor and I am heavily involved with quality assurance.   Being part of Dentaid is a huge honor and I am delighted to be part of its journey to great things.