Rosette’s smile appeal

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This Christmas Dentaid has launched an appeal to help Rosette.

Rosette is a single mother from Rubaya in Uganda who works tirelessly on a small patch of land to provide for her six children. She has no other income. For the last four years, Rosette has been suffering with this terrible facial swelling – a condition which causes her great pain.

We first met her 2 years ago when a Dentaid team travelled to Rubaya, a region near the border with Rwanda. Sadly, there was little our dental team could do in a remote outreach clinic to relieve the pressure in her jaw.

In October 2020, Boaz one of our Dentaid Associates returned to Rubaya to run another dental clinic and found that Rosette’s condition had worsened.

A dental outreach clinic in Rubaya, Uganda

She is now in severe pain, the swelling has grown and there’s no way she can afford the treatment she needs.

Dentaid has funded initial investigations where it was confirmed that Rosette has a cystic ameloblastoma, a non-cancerous tumour that will require surgical removal. £2000 will pay for treatment that will change her life. She’ll be able to smile, eat and live without constant pain. Dentaid is working closely with the dentists who will provide her care.

Untreated dental pain causes misery and hardship but with your help we can help Rosette have a brighter, pain-free future.