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FISHERMEN in Poole received free dental treatment when our mobile dental unit visited the quayside.
The joint project between Dentaid, the Fishermen’s Mission and The Seafarers’ Hospital Society (SHS) was established for fishermen who find it hard to access dental care because they work long days out at sea. 
Dentaid’s mobile dental unit parked on the quayside and volunteer dental professionals offered fishermen a dental check-up as they came ashore.  Treatments included extractions, fillings, scale and polish and oral heath advice.   Many fishermen are not registered with a dentist and live with persistent dental pain.
We now hope to expand this project to other ports and fishing communities around the UK 

“I haven’t seen a dentist since I was 12 and I’ve become so self-conscious about the state of my teeth that I cover my mouth with my hand when I talk to people.

“I would have liked to go to a dentist but if my appointment was on a good day for fishing I would have to go out to sea otherwise we’d have no money. I often work 18 hour days and fishermen don’t get paid time off for dental appointments.  As my teeth got worse I worried I’d need lots of visits to the dentist so I just put up with it.  The mobile unit coming here has been brilliant because I can get everything done in one go.” – Fisherman Pete Williams 

 “I was registered but I couldn’t afford to keep going. I’ve had toothache for so long but I can’t get to a dentist.  As a fisherman I find it very hard to find time and money to look after myself.  There are lots of issues affecting us like homelessness and poverty so getting to a dentist isn’t ever top of the list.” – Fisherman Dan Green