Southampton cancer clinics

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Information for head and neck cancer patients 

What is Dentaid?
Dentaid is a leading provider of outreach dental care. We are a charity based in Totton and have been running for 25 years and our mission is to increase access to safe, sustainable dental care. In the UK, our mobile dental units attend venues to provide dental advice and treatment. We are working with University Hospital Southampton and Macmillan Cancer Support, to provide free dental treatment to those who are living with head and neck cancer.

How will it help me?
The aim of our clinic is to bring dental care to you, in a timely manner. Our experienced team have worked within Maxillofacial settings and directly with head and neck cancer patients. We understand that this is a difficult time for you and are providing this service to optimise your dental health as a vital part of your treatment.
Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, affects the production of saliva, which increases the buildup of plaque. This increases the risk of infections and cavities. Whilst undergoing treatment, your ability to fight infection is lower. You may experience bleeding when brushing or flossing.

Prior to treatment you will need to be assessed to ensure you are dentally fit to commence your treatment. This will include a checkup and radiographs, to identify and treat present infections, caries, or compromised teeth.

Your oncologist or consultant will refer you for an oral health screening. Once your referral is received, Dentaid head office will contact you to offer you an appointment and take a medical history.

What will happen?

On the day of your appointment, you will be asked to wait at the Macmillan Cancer Support & Information Centre, situated on Level B, next to the eye unit.

Please use the eye unit entrance rather than the main entrance. Parking is located at Blue Car Park. Once the dentist is ready, a Dentaid member of staff will meet and escort you to our mobile dental unit, which will be a 5-minute walk back to the Blue Car Park.

Our mobile dental units are fully equipped dental surgeries. On board you will meet our Dentaid volunteer dentist and a dental nurse who will undertake an assessment, talk to you about your oral health and offer you any treatment you need.

You will be able to discuss this, and the team will answer any questions you may have

If you wish to go ahead, a consent form will be completed.

Treatment will be undertaken and once complete, a letter will be sent to the referring consultant to advise on outcome of treatment.

This will be staged by your consultant to allow time for treatment to be undertaken and healing to occur, prior to commencement of treatment.

All treatment is provided free of charge.

Where should I go and when?

Please arrive at the Macmillan Cancer Support & Information Centre 10 minutes before your appointment time. A Dentaid staff member will accompany you to the mobile dental unit from The Macmillan Cancer Support & Information Centre, to ensure your experience with us is as comfortable as possible and they will introduce you to our dental volunteering team.

The mobile dental unit will be positioned outside Neurological Outpatients Department main entrance, adjacent to the PET CT Scanner in Blue Car Park. This is a short walk from the Macmillan Cancer Support & Information Centre.

What if I have any questions or concerns?

We understand you may be anxious or have concerns in relation to your dental health and we will do everything we can to reassure and help you. You can call us on 01794 324249 and speak to one of our team or email 

Dentaid is proud to be working with Macmillan Cancer Support and Southampton Hospitals Charity at the University Hospital Southampton.

We are very grateful for their support in funding these clinics.