UHS case study – September 2021

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UHS case study – September 2021

Pam Myatt is 81 and loves sea swimming, tennis, and photography. In 2016 she was diagnosed with throat cancer which spread to her tonsils. Her left tonsil was removed and she started radiotherapy and chemotherapy in 2017. Although she has now finished her cancer treatment, it has caused lasting damage to her teeth which are now at a much greater risk of decay and damage.

“I thought there must be some backup for people who have had head and neck cancer and need ongoing dental treatment but there isn’t. 

What I didn’t know before, is that after radiotherapy the teeth are very susceptible to damage and decay, although the effect might not be seen for several years.

I noticed my teeth started to erode and decay and turned opaque white. It was devastating. You have a feeling of isolation and not knowing where to turn. Throat cancer is not recognised in the way that some other cancers are and it’s hard to know where to get help.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to find Dentaid. It’s such a huge relief and everyone is such a nice team. I’ve had full x-rays and several fillings. Just today, I’ve had three fillings which would have cost me about £450 otherwise. I was feeling pretty desperate before I heard about Dentaid but I’m incredibly pleased and grateful to be here.”

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