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Dentaid in the UK

It is a sad fact that many people in Britain are unable to access safe, affordable dental care. Although the NHS offers first class dental services, many vulnerable people aren’t registered with a dentist and only seek treatment when they are suffering pain.
In some parts of the country there are long waiting lists for NHS dentists and people are developing dental problems while they are waiting for a place to become available.
Dentaid is also aware that homeless people, those with a history of drug and alcohol abuse or patients with mental health problems can face obstacles when visiting a dental surgery.
Furthermore, up to 40 per cent of children in the UK are not receiving any dental check-ups or oral health education.
Dentaid has a range of projects in the UK to tackle these problems.

The mobile dental unit

The mobile dental unit visits day centres, homeless shelters, schools and community buildings to provide free dental treatment for people in pain.

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Trinity House

We pay regular visits to Trinity House in Winchester providing emergency dental treatment for street homeless and vulnerable people

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The mobile dental unit ran two weeks of outreach clinics in schools, community centres and public buildings in Dewsbury. A team of volunteers treated around 200 people who weren’t able to register with an NHS dentist in the town.

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Bright Bites

Dentaid’s Bright Bites programme includes presentations for schoolchildren, oral health education materials and resources for teachers.

The Bright Bites project was also successfully delivered at schools in Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and West Yorkshire.

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Real Junk Tooth Project

Vulnerable people in Dewsbury received free dental care as part of the seven month Real Junk Tooth Project.

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