Dentaid mobile dental unit

In March 2016 Dentaid purchased a mobile dental unit that enables us to offer outreach dental care for vulnerable people. The unit goes to homeless shelters, day centres, schools and community buildings to provide dental check-ups and emergency pain relieving treatments for people who find it difficult to access NHS dental care. The mobile dental unit is operated by volunteers and dental practices that want to offer outreach dentistry in their local communities.

In Spring 2017 Smile Together used the mobile dental unit for a series of outreach clinics in soup kitchens, homeless shelters and remote fishing communities across Cornwall. The treated up to 15 people a day.

The mobile dental unit also visits schools as part of oral health education initiatives. We hope that by offering children and their parents the chance to familiarise themselves with a dental clinic we can help to allay any fears and establish relationships between dental professionals and local families.