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The dental charity in the UK and overseas

Dentaid in the UK

It is a sad fact that many people in the UK don’t receive dental care. 

Many homeless and vulnerable people aren’t registered with a dentist and live with long-term pain and infections.  Sadly, 70 per cent of homeless people have dental problems and 15 per cent have tried to extract their own teeth.

Some people who work long, unpredictable hours, feel that taking time off work to visit a dentist is impractical and unaffordable, while in some parts of the country there are long waiting lists to register for NHS dental care. Furthermore, 40 per cent of British children don’t receive regular dental check-ups or oral health education. 

Dentaid has a range of projects to tackle these problems.

Our mobile dental units

Our mobile dental units visit homeless shelters, soup kitchens and community buildings across the country with volunteers providing free dental screening, advice and treatment for people who aren’t registered for NHS dental care.

By taking a dental service to a location where our patients already feel safe and comfortable, we can start to break down barriers and help them access essential dental treatment. 

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Public clinics in Kirklees

Dentaid has been working in Kirklees since 2015 when we set up the country’s first “pay what you can afford” dental clinic for people who were struggling to access NHS dental care.

Thanks to a grant from Kirklees Council, we now take one of our mobile dental units to community centres, schools and Dewsbury Town Hall providing free check ups and treatment for anyone who’s not registered with a dentist but needs to see one.


Clinics for fishermen

For many fishermen who work long, unpredictable hours at sea, accessing regular dental care oftens seems unaffordable and impractical.

Dentaid has teamed up with the Fishermen’s Mission and The Seafarers Hospital Society to provide free dental screening and treatment at the quayside for fishermen as they come ashore.  

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Bright Bites

Bright Bites is an educational resource which teaches children about the importance of looking after their teeth.  It includes a teacher’s pack, leaflets and toothbrushing chart.

We provide materials for toothbrushing programmes and can arrange for volunteers to visit schools to give a presentation that covers good brushing, sugar awareness and the importance of regular dental check ups.