What our volunteers say

“I had another fantastic day with the Dentaid The Dental Charity team treating vulnerable communities in Brighton. This new unit, generously donated by Septodont, was state of the art, with everything you would need for providing mobile care. It is interesting when I look back on my career. When I first qualified I took my vocation a little for granted, assuming that I was just doing my job when I treated my patients. However, the more that I work with Dentaid, the more I appreciate how important it is to use the skills you have to help those less fortunate. It is truly life affirming to be able to have the power to relieve pain and suffering. I would urge all my fellow clinicians to support Dentaid by working on the many mobile units operating around the country. Believe me, it will put a smile on your face all the way home!”Neil Sikka, volunteer dentist.


“Dentaid was a name I had heard frequently throughout my dental nursing career. Intrigued to volunteer and make a difference in my field, I let them know my interest and was very quickly given the opportunity to explore their volunteering options. There is significant deprivation where I reside in East Sussex resulting in many people experiencing homelessness and subsequently dental disease with lack of access to care. So I jumped at the opportunity to contribute to help people in the one way I know-how in my community. Volunteering with Dentaid on their mobile dental unit, not only gave me a feeling of happiness from helping, but it also humbled me hearing patient’s stories. I actively recommend people to try volunteering with Dentaid. You will get the opportunity to be a dental professional but also support vulnerable patients, giving them an ear to listen.”Laura Durrant, volunteer dental nurse.


“I have always found volunteering good for the soul. It was very special to head home to Hastings to volunteer where I grew up. It’s been years since I felt I’ve had the time and energy to give something back and boy does dentistry in the UK need some help at the moment. It’s always the most vulnerable in society who are affected the most by lack of access. If any colleagues can spare just a day to help out as a dentist or dental nurse, even a single day’s commitment can make a massive difference to someone very vulnerable who is struggling to access a dentist and is suffering pain.”  Lauren Holmes, volunteer dentist.